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EYFS - People Who Help Us Bikes

Date: 3rd Jul 2024 @ 7:40pm

How lucky are we! This week we have had all new bikes delivered. We now have a police car, ambulance and fire engine.  


The children have loved pedalling around the track and dressing up.


“Watch out there is a fire!” – Harry


“We’ve been called to a robbery!” – Grace


“The doctor is on his way!” – Ezra

EYFS - Litter Picking

Date: 3rd Jul 2024 @ 7:08pm

Oh no!  When we went outside today we were shocked to find litter everywhere!


It was just like in our English text, Clem and Crab.


We worked hard to find tidy up the litter because we didn’t want any animals to get hurt.


“We need to look after God’s world” – Delilah


“The poor baby animals could get stuck” – Dexter


“Need to clean up” – Sophia


“It was blowing everywhere!” – Cooper

EYFS - Recycling Centre

Date: 3rd Jul 2024 @ 7:04pm

Today when we came in the classroom we found a lot of rubbish! We used the recycling bins to sort the rubbish.


We realised the rubbish was made of lots of different materials. We found plastic, cardboard and tins.


We made posters to tell everyone to recycle.


“Look after the animals” – Harry


“Pick it up” – Elsie


“It was everywhere!” Rylee

EYFS - Chester Zoo

Date: 2nd Jul 2024 @ 6:59pm

What a fantastic day we had! Today we all got to go on a bus to Chester Zoo. We were so excited as we went over the bridge! We could see for miles. The children sang 'The Wheels on the Bus' as we drove to the zoo.

Once we got there, we couldn't wait to see some animals. We were so lucky to see a lion up close! We had a fantastic day and got to see lots of animals. Some were hidden and we had to look very carefully to see them.

We had an amazing day and our feet were very tired! 

"My favourite animals were the penguins" - Roman 

"I loved the elephants" - Emily 

"My favourite was the giraffe" - Alba 

EYFS - People Who Help Us

Date: 2nd Jul 2024 @ 6:54pm

This week we have been learning all about the People Who Help Us in our community.


The children have loved dressing up as these special people. 


We asked the children who are some of the people that help us?


"We have learnt about nurses, doctors and ambulance drivers" - Jonas 


"Policeman" - Elliott 


"Bin drivers and rubbish men" - Polly


"Our teachers who teach us in school" - Delilah 


"Bus drivers" - Matthew 


"Firemen and women" - Zach 




Environment Council - Wonky Garden Visit

Date: 1st Jul 2024 @ 4:56pm

The Environment Council took a visit to the Wonky Garden in Widnes.

This is a community garden who have transformed disused land into a space for all to enjoy nature.

We went along with Mrs Sheppard to gather some ideas for our own school grounds work.

We had the chance to harvest some potatoes, which we brought back and cooked with butter and herbs!

The volunteers also gave us some pumpkin plants to plant in our EYFS area. We will keep these nurtured ready for harvesting in Autumn.

EYFS - Exploring the Trim Trail

Date: 19th Jun 2024 @ 2:28pm

The children in EYFS have been exploring the trim trail in our outdoor area! They are so proud of themselves for completing it independently! 

EYFS - At the Airport!

Date: 19th Jun 2024 @ 2:03pm

The children in EYFS have been learning about different places that we can travel to! We have opened our very own Travel Agents and Airport. The children have had so much fun booking their adventure and travelling to the airport! Spain has been a very popular destination! 

"Put your bag in there and take a seat." - Ezra

"Fly to Spain today! Only ten pounds!" - Eleanor


Y3 & Y4 - Visit to Delamere Forest

Date: 18th Jun 2024 @ 9:46am

Year 3 and 4 spent a wonderful day at Delamere forest doing lots of different things. To start the day, the children took a long walk up to Old Pale to take in the great views and what we can see in the North, South, East and West.

The rest of the day consisted of a walk around the forest, den building, sketching, natural artwork made from stones and sticks and a treasure hunt looking for different types of trees and plants. 

Y5 - Visit to Frodsham Forest - Tree Planting

Date: 12th Jun 2024 @ 10:43am

Y5 were invited to help plant over 150 trees in Frodsham. The children followed instructions well, using spades to dig holes into the ground, plant a small tree and ensure that they flattened the soil back over carefully. Well done Y5!

Y6 - Thurstaston Beach Visit

Date: 10th Jun 2024 @ 1:15pm

As part of our Autumn Geography topic on coasts, we visited Thurstaston Beach. 

We took part in a variety of activities including building our own sea defences, observing the effects of coastal erosion and sampling water quality. 

"I learnt that when the waves hit the cliffs, they begin to erode." Ava

"I learnt that the plant's roots can help to protect from coastal erosion." Oliver 

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