We Love, Learn and Succeed
Following Jesus

Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is at the heart of everything that we do and part of our daily life at St Basil's.  We regularly review with children our mission statement.

Staff and Governors have worked together to develop our shared, vision and values for St Basil’s. These have been shared with families and children too.

Our vision statement describes what we hope to achieve if we all, (children, parents, carers, staff and Governors) successfully live out our mission.

We hope that you will share with us in our vision and values for St Basil’s.

Our Mission

We love, learn and succeed following Jesus

Enabling each of us to reach our full potential

Living out the Gospel values of love and forgiveness

Learning and knowing that God is always with us

Building relationships founded on mutual trust, care and respect

Being proud of belonging to our special school family

Reaching out to our neighbours in the local parish and global community

Our Vision

Everyone striving for excellence together

We believe that:

Everyone is important - that’s all the children and all the adults in our school family

Our Christian faith and Gospel Values guide us in all that we do

Learning takes place in a safe and nurturing environment

Positive relationships bring about change and success

Learning experiences should be memorable

Aspirations are powerful– together we can achieve amazing things

Our shared values

At St Basil’s we have seven core values which underpin everything that we do and help us to bring our school vision to life each day.

We reflect upon these values throughout the year and how they help us to ‘Love, Learn and Succeed’ as members of our school family and the wider community.

Faith (Autumn 1)

Believing and trusting in God, yourself and others even when things are challenging

Responsibility (Autumn 2)

Being 100% responsible for the actions we take, committing to complete tasks and working towards goals

Compassion (Spring 1)

Looking after each other particularly when things go wrong and making sure everyone is included

Service (Spring 2)

Working together and helping each other

Respect (Summer 1)

Celebrating our differences, knowing that we are all unique but equal and loved by God

Wisdom and Courage (Summer 2)

Understanding how our thoughts influence our emotions and actions so that we make the right choices especially when we find things difficult



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