We Love, Learn and Succeed
Following Jesus

Mission, Vision and Values

Staff and Governors have worked together to develop our shared vision, mission and values. These are revisited regularly and shared with the children.

Our Mission We love, learn and succeed following Jesus

By following Jesus’s example, we learn to ‘Love, Learn and Succeed’ in everything that we do as members of our school family and the wider community.

- Enabling each of us to reach our full potential
- Living out the Gospel values of love and forgiveness
- Building relationships founded on mutual trust, care and respect

Our Vision Everyone striving for excellence together

Our vision statement describes what we hope to achieve if we all, (children, parents, carers, staff and Governors) successfully live out our mission.

We believe that:

- Everyone is important and valued– that is all the children and adults in our school family
- Our Catholic Faith and Gospel Values guide us in all that we do
- Positive relationships bring about change and success
- Learning takes place in a safe and nurturing environment
- Learning experiences should be memorable
- Aspirations are powerful– together we can achieve amazing things!

Our core values underpin everything that we do and help us to bring our school vision to life each day.

Compassion is love in action, it is mercy and forgiveness, it means everyone is valued and included.

To serve others is to help meet their needs before your own.

Justice ensures fairness and equality with solidarity and subsidiarity for all. It brings restoration and healing within relationships.

True peace requires taking what is broken and restoring it to wholeness whether it is our lives, our relationships or in our world.

Courage is facing our feelings and finding the strength to say, “Yes, I can”. It requires faith and resilience.

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