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Early Years Foundation Stage

At St Basil's we believe that children deserve the best possible start to their learning journey in school. We are proud of our Early Years and during our recent Ofsted inspection, it was recognised that:

"Children are curious and enjoy learning and finding out new things. Staff make skilled use of highly stimulating indoor and outdoor learning areas, exciting resources and a purposeful early years curriculum, to develop children’s knowledge in subjects including early mathematics and reading.

Children learn rhyming songs, which helps them to remember the names and order of numbers. Children are also building their knowledge of the sounds of letters linked to the names of various animals and objects."

In the Early years, we cover seven areas of learning; three Prime and four Specific Areas.

These are:

Prime Areas:

Communication and Language

Physical Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Specific Areas:

Literacy Development

Mathematical Development

Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design

At the end of reception your child will scored as Emerging or Expected against the Early Learning Goals for each area.

The Early Learning Goals for Mathematics and Literacy Development are:



  • Have a deep understanding of number to 10, including the composition of each number
  • Subitise (recognise quantities without counting) up to 5
  • Automatically recall (without reference to rhymes, counting or other aids) number bonds up to 5 (including subtraction facts) and some number bonds to 10, including double facts.

Numerical Pattern

  • Verbally count beyond 20, recognising the pattern of the counting system
  • Compare quantities up to 10 in different contexts, recognising when one quantity is greater than, less than or the same as the other quantity
  • Explore and represent patterns within numbers up to 10, including evens and odds, double facts and how quantities can be distributed equally




  • Demonstrate understanding of what has been read to them by retelling stories and narratives using their own words and recently introduced vocabulary.
  • Anticipate (where appropriate) key events in stories.
  • Use and understand recently introduced vocabulary during discussions about stories, non-fiction, rhymes and poems and during role play.

Word Reading

  • Say a sound for each letter in the alphabet and at least 10 digraphs.
  • Read words consistent with their phonic knowledge by sound-blending.
  • Read aloud simple sentences and books that are consistent with their phonic knowledge, including some common exception words.


  • Write recognisable letters, most of which are correctly formed.
  • Spell words by identifying sounds in them and representing the sounds with a letter or letters.
  • Write simple phrases and sentences that can be read by others.

For more detail of our Early Years Curriculum please follow the links below.

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