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Y3 - Recorder with Mrs O

Date: 18th Jun 2024 @ 5:18pm

This year we have been learning our first musical instrument in St Basil's.

In September we picked up our own instrument for the first time and now we are able to play 5 notes in a number of pieces of music.

We can read the notes on the scale and play in different rhythm and tempo.

"I love playing the recorder, I can play B, A and G confidently and I am getting better with D and C" - Henry

"When I started I could only play squeaky notes but now my breathing is much better and I can play really well" - Pani

Y3 & Y4 - Tennis

Date: 18th Jun 2024 @ 12:06pm

Year 3 and 4 have been learning on how to control a tennis ball better and focus focus on their grip. 

Y4 - Football competition

Date: 18th Jun 2024 @ 11:59am

Year 4 boys took part in a Widnes Schools competition. They worked hard as a team and came away with some good wins. 

Y3 & Y4 - Table Tennis

Date: 18th Jun 2024 @ 11:53am

Year 3 and 4 have been improving their backhand, forehand and serving skills in table tennis.

Y5 - Table tennis

Date: 18th Jun 2024 @ 11:44am

Year 5 have been perfecting their backhand and forehand techniques in table tennis as well as learning how to serve. 

Y5 - Hockey

Date: 18th Jun 2024 @ 11:38am

Year 5 have been learning how to improve their ball control, passing, defending and shooting in hockey through various games and drills.

Y3 & Y4 - Hockey

Date: 18th Jun 2024 @ 11:34am

Year 3 and 4 have been learning hockey this term. They have took part in various drills focussing on passing, ball control and shooting. 

Y6 - Orienteering

Date: 18th Jun 2024 @ 11:07am

Year 6 have been taking part in orienteering, they have used team work and various map reading skills to complete each course. Each week the children would receive a new map with new locations on to help them find clues and complete the course. They also took part in some problem solving activities in the hall and on the trim trail.

Year 5 Orienteering

Date: 18th Jun 2024 @ 11:00am

Year 5 have been taking part in orienteering, they have used team work and various map reading skills to complete each course. Each week the children would receive a new map with new locations on to help them find clues and complete the course.

Y3 & Y4 - Orienteering

Date: 18th Jun 2024 @ 10:36am

Year 3 and 4 have been taking in part in orienteering on the KS2 playgrounds. They have used team work and various map reading skills to find locations on the map which would reward them with a clue. Each week the children received a new map with different locations. The children also took part in some problem solving activities on the trim trail as a part of OAA this term. 

Y3 & Y4 - Visit to Delamere Forest

Date: 18th Jun 2024 @ 9:46am

Year 3 and 4 spent a wonderful day at Delamere forest doing lots of different things. To start the day, the children took a long walk up to Old Pale to take in the great views and what we can see in the North, South, East and West.

The rest of the day consisted of a walk around the forest, den building, sketching, natural artwork made from stones and sticks and a treasure hunt looking for different types of trees and plants. 

Y6 - Parent Collective Worship - Peace

Date: 17th Jun 2024 @ 3:04pm

We did a collective worship about peace to begin our school year of peace. 

The collective worship included readings, prayers, song, dance and drama. 

It was lovely to see so many parents at the collective worship. 

Y6 - Visit to Liverpool Cathedral - Advent Service

Date: 17th Jun 2024 @ 2:59pm

Year 6 attended an Advent service at the cathedral in Liverpool. 

The Christmas story was told through word, song and drama. We sang along with the songs and took gifts for the charity Nugent Care. 

"I liked that we got to share gifts with children who needed them." Jessie

"I enjoyed joining in with all of the songs." Charlie 

Y5 - Rounders

Date: 14th Jun 2024 @ 2:25pm

In P.E we practised our fielding skills in a game called ' Kick Rounders'  Our P.E star was Logan.

I liked kicked rounders because it involved some football and everybody got a turn of kicking and fielding - Madeleine

I liked how everyone got involved and we got Mrs Jones out in all three of her turns - Lukie

Whole School - Archbishop Malcolm McMahon visit during Peace Week (January 2024)

Date: 12th Jun 2024 @ 2:31pm

On Wednesday 17th January, we were joined by Archbishop Malcolm McMahon and other guests from the Archdiocese of Liverpool, along with Father Mark Moran and our school governors.

We enjoyed some very special events as part of our 'Year of Peace' (2023-24).

The children particpated in prayer spaces with activities that included painting peace pebbles, origami boats for our peace river, hanging peace doves and creating prayers in our prayer garden.

Time was spent reflecting on how peace begins with us and how we can help be bring peace in pur relationships.

Other great activities around school included a Peace Dance, Music to celebrate peace and learning sign language for the song 'Peace perfect peace'.

We were also joined by Peace Pathways who worked with each year group on how to solve problems when there is a conflict.

Y5 - Christmas Collective Worship

Date: 12th Jun 2024 @ 11:55am

Y5 shared and delivered a Christmas Collective Worship with the rest of the school at St Basil's church.

Y5 - Christmas Carols

Date: 12th Jun 2024 @ 11:46am

Y5 walked to the local community centre and sang some Christmas Carols. The children were each given a chocolate selection box for their efforts in helping to make everyone feel the Christmas spirit.

Y5 - Heaven Sent

Date: 12th Jun 2024 @ 11:39am

Y5 went to Heaven Sent where we watched a live Nativity. The children also had the chance to see a real life donkey and dress up too.

Y5 - Peer Mediation

Date: 12th Jun 2024 @ 11:25am

Y5 were given the opportunity to enrol as Peer Mediators. Each child had a chance to apply for this role by completing an application which required a character reference from a chosen adult in school. 16 children were selected and undertook training with the Peer Mediation team, allowing children time to fully understand their role and to practice resolving conflicts that they might come across on the school playground. So far, the children have been amazing! Working hard during lunchtimes to help their peers if any falling out isses arise and working with them to ensure that the right steps are taken to defuse and address each situation. Well done to our Peer Mediators!

'I really enjoy being a peer mediator as children feel comfortable coming to me and want my support in fixing their problems at lunchtime.' Lukie 

Y5 - CAFOD walk for Lent

Date: 12th Jun 2024 @ 11:17am

Y5, together with the rest of the school, took part in a CAFOD walk for Lent. Raising money for Cafod.

Y5 - Altru Drama

Date: 12th Jun 2024 @ 11:00am

Y5 enjoyed a fantastic drama performance by Altru drama to highlight the importance of Anti-Bullying. Followed by a workshop.

Y5 -NSPCC Number Day

Date: 12th Jun 2024 @ 10:51am

Parents were invited in to complete a range of maths activites with children in class. Children were also asked to dress up as a number for the day too.

Y5 - Visit to Frodsham Forest - Tree Planting

Date: 12th Jun 2024 @ 10:43am

Y5 were invited to help plant over 150 trees in Frodsham. The children followed instructions well, using spades to dig holes into the ground, plant a small tree and ensure that they flattened the soil back over carefully. Well done Y5!

Y5 - St Basil's at Night Residential

Date: 12th Jun 2024 @ 10:23am

Children in Y5 were invited to sleepover in school to undertake star gazing activities and to spot the Moon. They set up their space pods ready for an evening over night at school, enjoying a range of activities, as well as a McDonald's tea! 

Y5 - Visit to the Lowry Theatre

Date: 12th Jun 2024 @ 10:13am

Y5 enjoyed a live performance at the Lowry to watch 'Boy in the Back of the Class'. This was our class novel which we had been reading in class, then children were very lucky to be able to watch it live! What a fantastic trip.

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