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Year 5: Gallery

KS2 - Town Sports Competition

Date: 12th Jul 2024 @ 8:06am

Children from Years 4, 5 and 6 competed in the town sports and did our school proud. Their behaviour was exemplary and they competed hard. We had numerous children in the finals competing against the best athletes in the town, well done to you all.

Whole School - Sports day

Date: 8th Jul 2024 @ 2:54pm

Finally, we have had some luck with the weather and we have been able to get all of the children out to enjoy an afternoon competing in their houses. All of the children really hard and displayed great sportsmanship qualities. Below is a list of the events the children took part in;




Balance ball

Shot putt





Target throw

Slalom run





50m sprint

100m sprint


Assault course

Assault coursde













Whole School - St Basil's Marketplace

Date: 5th Jul 2024 @ 10:56am

We all had a chance on Friday afternoon to visit our annual St Basil's Marketplace

Throughout the week, we have been creating, budgeting and presenting our items in year groups to sell.

There are activities to try our luck at, such as sweets in the jar, guess the name of the teddy and coordinate treasure maps

We also have a chance to play some carnival games to win prizes, including hook a duck, tombola, penalty shoot outs and a coconut shy.

This year our MartketPlace has raised ... 

Y5 - Market Place Budgeting

Date: 3rd Jul 2024 @ 11:20am

Year 5 have been busy preparing for St Basils's Market Place. We have taken our budget of £20 and spent it on beads and string, cardboard holders, a jar and sweets. This has spent out £20 and now we hope to generate more money to make a profit. Our estimated profits varied between £70-£110!

'I think that if the whole class of 30 children make 4 phone charms each and we sell them for £1 each, then we should generate £120 - £20 that we have spent. Which is £100 profit. I think that we should charge 50p for a go of 'Tin Can Alley' and for every 20 children that play, we will make an extra £10 profit on top. We also have a 'Guess the total amount of sweets in the jar' competition which is 50p a go too. I can't wait to see how much money our class generate!' Lewis 

Y5 - French Breakfast

Date: 2nd Jul 2024 @ 1:49pm

Year 5 were lucky enough to serve the rest of the school a sample of some French cuisine today for our French Breakfast. 

'I really enjoyed the brioche and dipped it in to my chocolate milkshake, it was delicious!' Holly


Y5 - Brass & Woodwind

Date: 2nd Jul 2024 @ 11:54am

Year 5 have been busy preparing for their end of year performance to showcase all the skills they have learnt this year in Music. Children have learnt to play either a brass or woodwind instrument and have worked hard to read and perform a range of songs in class together. Some children even have solo ensembles.

Well done Year 5!

'I like music because our school lessons have helped me to play and I also love 90s music now such as Oasis and The Stone Roses.' Thomas

'I have enjoyed playing brass this year and I liked how we all had the opportunity to choose an instrument to play. In our time in music we have been taught different songs and styles of music (R&B and Funk).' Olly

'I like music because ut lets you express your feelings and what you like.' Evie

Environment Council - Wonky Garden Visit

Date: 1st Jul 2024 @ 4:56pm

The Environment Council took a visit to the Wonky Garden in Widnes.

This is a community garden who have transformed disused land into a space for all to enjoy nature.

We went along with Mrs Sheppard to gather some ideas for our own school grounds work.

We had the chance to harvest some potatoes, which we brought back and cooked with butter and herbs!

The volunteers also gave us some pumpkin plants to plant in our EYFS area. We will keep these nurtured ready for harvesting in Autumn.

Y5 - Conversion

Date: 1st Jul 2024 @ 11:11am

Year 5 children have been learning about conversions of different measure and how to convert units of length.

Children looked at metres, including millimetres and kilometres. They chose an item to measure in centimetres and then had to work out how many of their items would be needed to fit in a kilometre.

'I really enjoy active maths as it's fun and we get to work on an activity with our friends. It was really hard to convert our items from centimetres to kilometres as we measured the football net which was 5metres wide. So our group had to think carefully about what we were going to do. We couldn't just multiply our meaure by 1000 as this wouldn't have worked. What we did was work out how many football goals would fit in to 10 metres which was 2, then we used our knowledge on powers of 10 to multiply 10 by 100 which gets us the total distance of 1,000 Metres (1KM). We then had our answer of 200 football goals. 200 goals X 5 metres = 1,000metres.' Alex, Cody, Lukie & Olly

Y5 - Tie Dye

Date: 27th Jun 2024 @ 9:44am

This week, Year 5 tye dyed an item of clothing each. We started by watching a video of how to create different patterns by tying our material with bands. The most popular design were bullseye and spiral. 

I loved tye dying because it was fun to do and we got to choose our own colours and patterns- Hollie

I had never done tye dying before. I really enjoted it because it was something different - Lukie

I liked tye dying because I liked the fact I had a new tshirt at the end of the process- Cody


Y5- In Class Collective Worship

Date: 21st Jun 2024 @ 2:22pm

At the end of our Freedom and Responsibility topic we planned and delivered a class Collective Worship.

I liked the singing. We sang ' Go Out to all the World' by John Burland - Evie

We watched a great video about the ten commandments - Lukie

I liked that we were given time to refelct - Corey

Y5 - Science

Date: 21st Jun 2024 @ 2:11pm

Yeaer 5 conducted a science experiment to find out how me can separate different materials. We used paper clips, raisins, water, rice and flour. We used a magnet to find a paper clip in floor. We used a sieve to separate raisins and flour.  We placed salt in water and left it in the sun to see if it will evaporate.

I liked conducting this experiment because we all got a turn of using a magnet - Toby

I liked how all children in our class took part - Isla

We are excited to see our results with the evaporation part of our experiment - Alex

Y5 - How To Look After Your Teeth Visit

Date: 21st Jun 2024 @ 1:59pm

Year 5 were lucky enough to learn all about how to look after our teeth thanks to Kerry and Sandra

I enjoyed the activity were we brushed the teeth - Alex

I learned that you shouldn't rinse after brushing because it takes away the floride that protects your teeth - Isla

I learned that you should only use a pea sized amount of toothpaste when you brush - Rosie

Whole School - Fun Run

Date: 21st Jun 2024 @ 7:40am

Everyone in school took part in our annual Fun Run to raise contributions for PTA school projects.

Unfortunately due to the weather this year we could not take part all together on our field.

Instead each class took their turn to complete laps of our playground track in Fancy Dress.

We counted our laps in 10 minutes.

"I always look forward to the Fun Run. This year I brought my dinosaur costume but still managed to do 15 laps!" - Josh Y4

"I really enjoy dressing up every year and doing the laps with my friends. We always end up on the same because we run side by side" - Holly Y5

"I'm sad that this was my last Fun Run in St Basil's. I managed to do 26 laps this time" - Alma Y6

Y5 - Hockey

Date: 20th Jun 2024 @ 11:13am

Year 5 have been working on their ball control and accuracey when passing.

Y5 - Handball

Date: 20th Jun 2024 @ 8:37am

Year 5 have been improving their throwing and catching skills during various drills and activities. 

Y5 - Hockey

Date: 18th Jun 2024 @ 11:38am

Year 5 have been learning how to improve their ball control, passing, defending and shooting in hockey through various games and drills.

Y5 - Orienteering

Date: 18th Jun 2024 @ 11:00am

Year 5 have been taking part in orienteering, they have used team work and various map reading skills to complete each course. Each week the children would receive a new map with new locations on to help them find clues and complete the course.

Y5 - Rounders

Date: 14th Jun 2024 @ 2:25pm

In P.E we practised our fielding skills in a game called ' Kick Rounders'  Our P.E star was Logan.

I liked kicked rounders because it involved some football and everybody got a turn of kicking and fielding - Madeleine

I liked how everyone got involved and we got Mrs Jones out in all three of her turns - Lukie

Whole School - Archbishop Malcolm McMahon visit during Peace Week (January 2024)

Date: 12th Jun 2024 @ 2:31pm

On Wednesday 17th January, we were joined by Archbishop Malcolm McMahon and other guests from the Archdiocese of Liverpool, along with Father Mark Moran and our school governors.

We enjoyed some very special events as part of our 'Year of Peace' (2023-24).

The children particpated in prayer spaces with activities that included painting peace pebbles, origami boats for our peace river, hanging peace doves and creating prayers in our prayer garden.

Time was spent reflecting on how peace begins with us and how we can help be bring peace in pur relationships.

Other great activities around school included a Peace Dance, Music to celebrate peace and learning sign language for the song 'Peace perfect peace'.

We were also joined by Peace Pathways who worked with each year group on how to solve problems when there is a conflict.

Y5 - Christmas Collective Worship

Date: 12th Jun 2024 @ 11:55am

Y5 shared and delivered a Christmas Collective Worship with the rest of the school at St Basil's church.

Y5 - Christmas Carols

Date: 12th Jun 2024 @ 11:46am

Y5 walked to the local community centre and sang some Christmas Carols. The children were each given a chocolate selection box for their efforts in helping to make everyone feel the Christmas spirit.

Y5 - Peer Mediation

Date: 12th Jun 2024 @ 11:25am

Y5 were given the opportunity to enrol as Peer Mediators. Each child had a chance to apply for this role by completing an application which required a character reference from a chosen adult in school. 16 children were selected and undertook training with the Peer Mediation team, allowing children time to fully understand their role and to practice resolving conflicts that they might come across on the school playground. So far, the children have been amazing! Working hard during lunchtimes to help their peers if any falling out isses arise and working with them to ensure that the right steps are taken to defuse and address each situation. Well done to our Peer Mediators!

'I really enjoy being a peer mediator as children feel comfortable coming to me and want my support in fixing their problems at lunchtime.' Lukie 

Y5 - NSPCC Number Day

Date: 12th Jun 2024 @ 10:51am

Parents were invited in to complete a range of maths activites with children in class. Children were also asked to dress up as a number for the day too.

Y5 - Visit to Frodsham Forest - Tree Planting

Date: 12th Jun 2024 @ 10:43am

Y5 were invited to help plant over 150 trees in Frodsham. The children followed instructions well, using spades to dig holes into the ground, plant a small tree and ensure that they flattened the soil back over carefully. Well done Y5!

Y5 - St Basil's at Night Residential

Date: 12th Jun 2024 @ 10:23am

Children in Y5 were invited to sleepover in school to undertake star gazing activities and to spot the Moon. They set up their space pods ready for an evening over night at school, enjoying a range of activities, as well as a McDonald's tea! 

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