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Personal Development

At St Basil’s we give high importance to the Personal Development of all our pupils, irrespective of their needs. We do this across the whole curriculum, the cornerstone of which is PHSE.

Please find below the link to our Curriculum Enrichment Overview 2023-24

Curriculum Enrichment 2023 - 2024

In addition to PHSE lessons and assemblies we enrich our curriculum through:

  • Restorative Practice
  • Philosophy for Children P4C
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Trips & visits - see our curriculum enrichment link  above
  • Thematic events – these are in addition to the planned curriculum in RE, PHSE, PE and Computing

Other faiths – Judaism and Islam

Online Safety Day

Children’s Mental Health & Mental Health Week


Parliament Week

Restorative Week

Business and Enterprise Week and St Basil’s Market Place

Science Day

Sports Week

World Book Day

Musical Extravaganza

French Breakfast

  • Work with high quality outside agencies and providers

Altru Drama - Anti bullying & online safety drama

Halton Healthy Schools including Fit for Life, Tobacco & Alcohol Awareness

Cheshire Police - Mini Police & Safer Schools; knife crime

Cheshire Fire Brigade - smoke tent & Safety Central visits

NSPCC Speak Out Programme & Talk Pants

Beacon Counselling Trust - Gambling and gaming

Mellors Caterers - Healthy eating

Swim -Water Safety

  • Agencies and providers who provide individual pupil or family support

NHS Bridgewater Mental Health Support Team

Play Therapist

Night stop – Counselling

HBC Family Learning

Halton Cancer Support Group

Got Your Back

Household Fund

  • Pupil leadership

RE Ambassadors Y1-Y6

Y6 House captains

Y6 and EYFS Prayer Partners

Eco Council Y1-6

Learning Forum Y1-6

Play Leaders Y6 partnered with Y1 & Y2

Reading Partners Y5 & 6 partnered with Y1 & Y2

  • Pupil fundraising

Child in Need



Nugent Care


Restorative Practice

Restorative Approaches are embedded with our school Relationship and Behaviour Policy. It reflects the importance upon which we place relationships founded upon mutual trust, care and respect.

Restorative Approaches/Practice describes a way of being. It promotes active thinking about how we build our relationships, how we work to keep them healthy and how we can repair them when there has been conflict.

Restorative Practice is relevant to us all. It supports us to connect with each other as fellow human beings, guiding us with our interactions. It can help us to consider how our actions and responses affect our relationships, whether these are relationships at work or at home.

Building upon our shared values in weekly restorative circles we teach pupils the skills of:

  • Active Listening
  • Empathy
  • Emotional Literacy
  • Being non-judgemental
  • Conflict Management

Philosophy for Children

Through P4C (Philosophy for Children) we encourage pupils to ask questions, think imaginatively and creatively by looking at big ideas, themes and topics based on different stimuli (e.g. an image or a piece of text). This is often linked to other areas of the curriculum as P4C develops the pupils’ ability to articulate their thoughts using mature vocabulary in both speaking and in writing.

We use the 4C’s of P4C: caring thinking, collaborative thinking, critical thinking and creative thinking to guide us in the questions we ask and the responses we give.

Pupils learn to listen to other people’s thoughts and opinions and are challenged on their own thoughts and opinions, in a calm and respectful atmosphere. Through this they develop good thinking, questioning and communications skills. They are encouraged to ask questions, sift arguments and explore alternative ideas.

Our aim is to help our pupils to develop the basic skills and dispositions that will enable them to contribute as responsible citizens of the future. P4C is an integral part of the school’s curriculum and is a powerful tool in developing our pupils both academically and personally.

Please follow the link to see our PSHE page for more information: PSHE

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