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Philosophy for Children (P4C)

Through P4C (Philosophy for Children) we encourage pupils to ask questions, think imaginatively and creatively by looking at big ideas, themes and topics based on different stimuli (e.g. an image or a piece of text). This is often linked to other areas of the curriculum as P4C develops the pupils’ ability to articulate their thoughts using mature vocabulary in both speaking and in writing.

We use the 4C’s of P4C: caring thinking, collaborative thinking, critical thinking and creative thinking to guide us in the questions we ask and the responses we give.

Pupils learn to listen to other people’s thoughts and opinions and are challenged on their own thoughts and opinions, in a calm and respectful atmosphere. Through this they develop good thinking, questioning and communications skills. They are encouraged to ask questions, sift arguments and explore alternative ideas.

Our aim is to help our pupils to develop the basic skills and dispositions that will enable them to contribute as responsible citizens of the future. P4C is an integral part of the school’s curriculum and is a powerful tool in developing our pupils both academically and personally.

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