School Meals

School Meals are operated on a 3 week rota. For this half term it will be as follows:

School Meal Menu Week 1 - weeks commencing 13/3

School Meal Menu Week 2 - weeks commencing 20/3

School Meal Menu Week 3 - weeks commencing 6/3, 27/3

Please note that due to ongoing supply the meals on a Thursday for this half term are;

Week 1 - Spaghetti Bolognese

Week 2 - Chicken Curry

Week 3 - Sweet chilli chicken and noodles

All pupils in reception, years 1 & 2 are eligible to a free school meal , but your older children could be entitled to one too.

If you are in receipt of certain benefits or have a household income below the government threshold you could be entitled.  

We strongly encourage parents and carers to complete a free school meals application form even if your child is in reception or Y1/Y2 as each child eligible for a Free School Meal based on parental income attracts a "Pupil Premium" for the school which is provided by Central Government.  This equates to a cash sum which is then used to support children's education through the provision of additional resources at our school.

 Parents and carers can make applications for Free School Meals by completing the form below and returning directly to the school office.

Application form

Payment for school meals needs to be done through the 'School Gateway' as we are now a cashless premises.