Breakfast & Link Club

Breakfast & Link Club

At St Basil's we provide a breakfast and after school club which runs from 7.45am-8:45am and 3:10pm-5.30pm. This includes a healthy breakfast, snack and drinks.

Prices and Times

  • Breakfast club is £4.00 a session, which runs from 7.45am-8.45am every morning before school.
  • After School Club (until 4pm) is £4.50 - We are honouring existing 4pm bookings but in future no new bookings until 4pm will be taken.
  • After School Club until 5.30pm is £8.50 per session.

We will no longer be able to operate a system where you book online and pay. You can no longer make changes to your booking pattern.

We are now running a waiting list for places so we will be unable to operate with the flexibility many of you are used to. Your agreed booking will be uploaded onto the School Gateway during the holiday for September. An email will be sent to confirm this. All payments confirming the places must be made before 1st September. Any places not paid for by this date will be reallocated. From there on each month the booking will be loaded onto the School Gateway and must be paid in advance. When paying by childcare vouchers, you must ensure that payment is made in full. If the vouchers do not cover the full cost and you must ensure that the full amount is paid before the start of each month.

Mrs H. Peiris and Mrs C. Smith