Welcome to 1JS & 1JD!

Dear Parents / Carers,


Welcome to Year One! We hope that your child will be happy and settled in class and will feel comfortable in approaching the staff in our team. Similarly, as parents, please let us know if you have any concerns or important information to share. This page aims to provide you with reminders and some new information about routines in Year One so that we can all enjoy a successful year.

Home-Reading We will continue to provide your child with a home reading book and this will be changed when your child has finished their current reading book. It is really important that your child reads to somebody at home, for a short time as often as possible. We expect that they read every evening. Please sign and date their reading record book each time and remember to send their reading book in their reading bag to school every day. Any comments you wish to add will be most welcome! In class your child will also join in group reading sessions on a weekly basis.

Homework Your child will bring home a simple homework task at the end of each week in their Homework book – this is a really valuable link between home and school. If there are any problems with tasks please come and speak to us or send a little note in with the work. Feedback is gratefully received! Homework will be given out on a Thursday and we will collect it in on a Monday.

In a few weeks your child will also bring home a list of spellings each Monday. Please spend time together throughout the week preparing for a spelling test on Friday.

Money We continue to use our cashless approach to payments into school. Any payment to school must be paid through our online school gateway system. If you receive a letter from us about any event at school e.g. school trips then a payment option for individual events will become available on the gateway for you to pay. No money will be handled through the school office.

P.E. The children will do P.E. twice each week, usually on a Tuesday and Friday, although this can sometimes change. P.E. kits will be sent home each half term to be washed. Please return these at the start of the next half term. Please ensure all items of the kit and your child’s uniform are clearly labelled with their name as well as the bag they are in. Outdoor kits should be brought into school for the colder months (jogging bottoms / top). All branded uniform can be bought from Boydells.

Rules (Class Charter) The children in each class are aware of the school rules that are used and displayed throughout the school. We will also devise some class promises together on our ‘Class charter’ and a copy of these will be sent home to you in their Homework book. It would be very helpful if you could take the time to read these and discuss them with your child.

Water bottlesPlease ensure water bottles, with your child’s name on, are in school every day.

Inhalers/MedicationIf your child needs an inhaler please ensure it is in date and in school. You will need to fill in a form from the school office if your child needs any other medication during school time.

Communication Throughout the school year we will keep you updated on both school and class events. Please check your child’s reading folder each day for any letters – the children will not always remember to tell you!

Trips This year we have already got some school trips planned for your child to attend which we are really excited about! In the Autumn term we are planning a visit to the Catalyst Museum. We will send out further details about this as soon as possible.

We look forward to a successful year and hope that your child will enjoy being in Year One. Many thanks for your support.

Mrs Jevons, Mrs Dooley and Miss Stephenson (Year 1 Teachers)