Please find below details of Governor attendance at meetings, both the Full Governing Body and appropriate Sub-Committees.

Governor Attendance 2019/20

Governor Attendance 2018/19

Governor Attendance 2017/18

Our Governing Body

All schools in England have a governing body which is responsible for overseeing many of the strategic decisions of the school. A key role is to act as a 'critical friend': to support, challenge, ask questions and represent the school community. Our Governing Body is made up of a range of people from a range of different backgrounds including: parents, staff members, local councillors and community representatives. The standard term of office for a governor is 4 years. The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected every year.

Currently the Governing Body has the following members:-

Foundation Governors:

Mrs C Wilson (Chair of Governors) - (ends 30/12/2021) Mrs T Cloherty (Vice Chair of Governors) - (ends 31/12/2021) Mr J Duffy - (ends 17/5/2020) Mrs S Horley- (ends 17/5/2020) Mrs S Hudson- (ends 17/5/2020) Mrs C Burke- (ends 31/12/2021)

Staff Governor:

Mrs J O'Donnell, Deputy Head Teacher (14/12/2019)

Parent Governors:

Ms F Lowe - (ends 22/3/2023)

Local Authority Governor: 

Our Committees


Mrs C Wilson, Mr J Duffy, Mrs A Sheppard, Mrs S Hudson, Mrs C Burke

Faith and Community

Mrs C Wilson, Mr J Duffy, Mrs A Sheppard, Mrs S Hudson, Mrs S Horley


Mrs C Wilson, Mrs T Cloherty, Mr J Duffy, Mrs A Sheppard,  Mrs S Horley

All the Governors have formally declared that they have no pecuniary or relationship interests that are relevant to their position as governors of St Basil’s Catholic Primary School. This information is collated at the start of each committee or full governing body meeting.

Governors Specific Areas of Responsibility

Mrs. Sheppard


Mrs C Wilson (Chair of Governors)

Early Years Foundation Stage, Pupil Premium, Safer Recruitment

Mrs T Cloherty (Vice Chair of Governors)

PE and Health (PSHE & PE), Educational Visits, Safer Recruitment

Mr J Duffy

Training & Support, Special Educational Needs, SRE, Religious Education

Mrs S Hudson

Language & Communication (English & French), Safeguarding, Attendance, Website

Mrs S Horley

Creative Curriculum, Children and Young People in Care, Humanities (History and Geography)

Mrs J O’Donnell

Staffing & Curriculum

Mrs C Burke


Parent Governor (vacancy)

E-Safety, Training and Support,  Science and Computing