St Basil’s Catholic Primary School Special Educational Needs Policy


Any learner may have special educational needs at sometime during his/her time in school and
therefore a wide variety of strategies will be used to meet these needs as they are identified. This
policy will ensure that the school meets the needs of learners identified in the Revised Code of
Practice. It will ensure that no learners, especially those with SEN or disability, are discriminated
against. This policy will be used to ensure that funding earmarked by the governing body for
special education provision, including staffing, is clearly identified and used effectively for its
intended purposes.


  1. To ensure that all learners’ individual and special needs are met effectively so that they receive their educational entitlement and given equal access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.
  2. To ensure that provision for learners with individual and special needs is central to curriculum planning. Teaching and learning will be differentiated appropriately so that learners may achieve high standards and make good progress for their abilities.
  3. To recognize and record students’ strengths and successes to encourage a positive self image.
  4. To ensure that staff with management responsibility, and individual members of staff, accept responsibility for the planning, organisation, and provision of appropriate educational materials and resources for pupils with individual and special needs.

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SEN & Inclusion Policy

SEND Information Report 2017/18

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