Our School Houses 

At St Basil's all our children are a member of a school house. This include each of the patron saints of Great Britain: St George, St Andrew, St David and St Patrick. Our new children in Foundation Stage are welcomed into the house in a special assembly in the Autumn Term

Each year two pupils from Year 6 children are chosen as House Captains. This year our House Captains are:

St George - George and Kara

St Andrew -Grace and Lewis

St David - Sam T and Scarlett

St Patrick - Darcie and Sam R-S

Our House Captains lead celebration assembly each week and are responsible for collecting DoJo's scores and presenting our weekly certificates: Learner of the Week, Star of the Week and Value of the Week.

Every child is an important member of their house and the class DoJo's that they earn contribute to the house scores. The winning house each half term have an extra playtime!

House Days

We celebrate we each day across school. The house of the day have a special party lunch.

We also celebrate through special 'House Afternoons'. These have a chosen theme and children join together with our house members from their phase (Y1/Y2, Y3/Y4, Y5/6) to learn together. 

At our most recent House Day the children learnt about what makes Britain Great and their house Saint and country. The House Captains prepared presentations on two charities on which the whole house voted.

This year's charities are:

St George - Halton Haven

St Andrew - Children in Need

St David - Marie Curie

St Patrick -Alder Hey