Music at St. Basil’s is immersive and provides children with unique opportunities to explore a variety of instruments and musical styles. Children in key stage one learn about different musical instruments and styles through an interactive computer programme. They are taught about how songs are put together by changing the dynamics, tempo, pitch and rhythm whilst using percussion instruments.

Children in years three, four and five are taught to play recorders, guitars, woodwind and brass instruments by specialist music teachers..Alongside this, they develop the skill of reading and writing sheet music, allowing themselves to compose and perform with confidence.

Throughout the year, the children have the opportunity to take part in a range of performances for singing and playing their instrument. We collaborate with other primary and secondary schools for concerts.

To celebrate their talents the children perform a ‘Musical Extravaganza’ at the end of the year. This involves each group performing with their specific instrument in front of their family and singing songs as a class and whole school choir. This is a great opportunity for children to show what they can do and be proud of their achievements

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