At St. Basil's we follow the Come and See Religious Education Programme, National Curriculum 2015 and the EYFS Development Matters Framework. We place an important emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy whilst also maintaining a broad and balanced curriculum. A wide variety of resources are used to help us to deliver the curriculum.

We believe it is important that the children's experiences are wide, particularly in the areas of Sports, the Arts and PHSE. It is for this reason that we hold an annual Sports Week in the Summer Term and have an extensive rolling programme of cultural and arts experiences throughout the year.


We focus on the basic skills of Reading and Writing, through a text based approach, so that a child can develop and use them for various tasks including enjoyment and the acquisition of knowledge. English is not only delivered through daily English lessons but also through a variety of other-curricular activities. These activities include speaking and listening, drama, grammar and punctuation sessions, handwriting, poetry recitals and through other curriculum areas. Children also participate in Guided Reading sessions with their class teacher at least once per week.


A strong emphasis is placed on children mastering concepts. At St Basil's we cover each topic in great depth with problem solving at the heart of our approach. We provide children with a daily diet of problem solving whereby children are encouraged to seek solutions, explore patterns and reason. We spend a lot of time teaching multiplication facts and on developing fluency so that children have the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately.

Learning Challenge Curriculum

Through the learning challenge curriculum we integrate learning from both the arts and humanities a strong emphasis is placed upon extended writing and the application of learning from across the curriculum. Each half term planning is sent to parents so that they can support their child’s learning.