Our Mission Statement of 'In God's love we learn and succeed together' is the basis of everything that we do. It encompasses the Gospel values of love and forgiveness, trust, care and respect. We are guided by the example of Jesus Christ and know that God is always with us. We recognise the need for behaviour which enables each of us to reach our potential both with personal relationship and development and learning. 

At St Basil's we seek to promote positive behaviour based on mutual respect between all members of the school community, the catholic ethos of the school and the planning of a broad curriculum. Thus, ensuring that there is a consistent approach to behaviour management across school.

Rewards are used to support class and team work as well as providing ideal means of rewarding notably good behaviour. Within the schools positive learning environment, children should expect to receive regular praise from all people they come into contact with. Class teachers are encouraged to explore, explain and share Golden Rules and seek opportunities for children to love and succeed on a daily basis.

Staff use a range of strategies as incentives for the pupils to behave well. These include: 

  • Opportunities for responsibility in class and across school
  • Positive written feedback
  • Verbal praise and encouragement
  • Non-Verbal praise
  • Stickers
  • Sharing good work and behaviour with other staff
  • Displaying pupils' work and achievements
  • Class Dojo points
  • Golden Time

When a pupil's behaviour falls below the acceptable standard, a range of sanctions will be enforced. Through working closely and openly with pupils and their families, it is our aim at St Basil's to resolve behavioural issues at the earliest possible stage.

In the classroom setting, behaviour is monitored using a traffic light system; each classroom has a pocket display chart with each child having their own set of cards. The card system is reset each day giving the children a positive start to each school day. It is essential that the sanction be proportional to the behaviour and all systems are flexible to take account of individual circumstances.

Behaviour Policy