Parent Consultation

We value the views of parents and carers.  Each term all parents and carers are requested to complete a questionnaire about the school and their views as to the effectiveness of the school in meeting their child's needs.  Below are the headlines from our most recent Autumn Term survey. 

Parent Consultation Questionnaire Results 
Whole School Autumn 2017

Is your child happy at school?        Yes    222   No   4

Do you feel your child is making good progress?       Yes    226  No   0

Do you feel your child receives an appropriate amount of homework?  Yes 218   No 8

Have you had any concerns?    Yes   32   No   194

If so, do you feel that those concerns were dealt with effectively?    Yes   31   No   

Please find below a more detailed summary of the questionnaires for each class.

Detailed Summary 

Following the 2016/17 parent consultation please find below a copy of the 'You said / We did'

'You said We did'

Since our most recent OFSTED  inspection we have established a Parent Consultation Committee.  Mrs O'Donnell (DHT) and Mrs Paoli (AHT) have met with parents to review the summary of 2016/17 questionnaires. Our Governor Faith & Community  Sub-committee review both the questionnaires and the minutes of these meetings.

Please find below the minutes of this meeting.

Minutes from Parent Consultation Group 13th October 2017

Please find below the link to the Parent View website.

Parent View Website

Please find below recently added documents from Spring Term.

Parent Consultation Meeting 16th March 2018

Parent Consultation Questionnaire Summary 2017-18 Spring 2018

The Role of Governors 16.03.18