Imagine That!

On Thurday 19th April the Early Years Foundation Stage went on an educational visit to ‘Imagine That’ in Liverpool to explore art, crafts and scientific activities through various zones. When we arrived the staff explained what we were going to be doing and the children were very excited to explore the various zones, such as, imagination village, construction site, art area, and water area. Throughout the morning the children had opportunities to make slime, bath bombs and fridge magnets to take home. It was such a busy and fun morning that we were all starving by lunchtime!

In the afternoon we had a science show- the scientist demonstrated how to make a volcano, huge bubbles and bath bombs. We then explored the science zone where the children could experiment with wind, electricity, magnets and light. From the giant scarf blower to bicycle generators, from giant bubbles to flash shadows...who ever thought science could be so much fun!