News from Academic Year 2018

  • End of Year Celebration Assembly

    Here are just a few... read more

    24 Jul 2019

  • Year 2 Assembly

    Thank you to Year 2 for their beautiful assembly about Treasures! read more

    19 Jul 2019

  • Y2AR Trip

    Y2AR enjoying their trip to Delamere forest. read more

    18 Jun 2019

  • Science Club

    Skittles dissolving experiment with year 2. read more

    10 Jun 2019

  • Fun Run

    KS1KS2 have had a lovely afternoon completing their sponsored fun run. Well done to the children and thank you to our PTA! read more

    25 May 2019

  • Year 4 Cricket

    Year 4 have enjoyed team sports. We watched year 3 play rounders and we played cricket. read more

    24 May 2019

  • Visit from Educational Library Van

    All year groups enjoyed visiting the educational library van that attended school.  The children loved choosing new books for their classrooms! read more

    24 May 2019

  • Year 5 Hockey

    Year 5 played six great games of Hockey yesterday for Team Sports. Each match was close but Y5CE were victorious over Y5AW, scoring 6 points to 1 overall. read more

    24 May 2019

  • KS2 Sports Day

    KS2 enjoyed a wonderful sports day. Well done to St George who were our winning house team. read more

    22 May 2019

  • Year 5 Trip

    Year 5 had a brilliant day at @Eco_Centre on Friday. They learnt all about protecting the rainforests. read more

    20 May 2019

  • Y2AR Interpreting Data

    Y2AR have been interpreting data, ready to make their own graphs tomorrow. read more

    20 May 2019

  • Year 3/4 Diamond Cricket

    Year 3/4 had a fantastic afternoon out in the sun playing diamond cricket. It was made even better by finishing joint 2nd!!! read more

    16 May 2019

  • Year 3 Exploring Time

    Year 3 exploring time! read more

    10 May 2019

  • Y1RA Assembly

    Well done to Y1RA on their beautiful assembly this morning all about Holidays and Holydays! The children did so well and shared an important message of spreading the good news of Jesus with everybody. Well done! read more

    10 May 2019

  • Year 4 English

    In English, 4KJ looked at synonyms of unhappy. We discussed which synonyms we thought were the weakest and the strongest. read more

    9 May 2019

  • Year 4 Tattenhall

    read more

    7 May 2019

  • EYFS Butterflies

    It's finally time to say goodbye to our butterflies. read more

    3 May 2019

  • Year 6 Debate

    Year 6 debating whether or not it was a good idea for Shackleton to take a crew to Antarctica. read more

    2 May 2019

  • Year 4 Gymnastics Lesson

    Y4KJ enjoying their gymnastic lesson by Beth Tweddle Gymnastics. read more

    2 May 2019

  • Y4KJ

    Y4KJ have been learning to play the, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ theme tune this week in our guitar lessons. read more

    29 Apr 2019

  • Year 3 English

    Year 3 having lots of fun researching about Komodo Dragons for our English book 'The Snow Dragon.' read more

    29 Apr 2019

  • Year 1 Art Club

    Year 1 Art club have been experimenting copying and creating their own patterns.  read more

    29 Apr 2019

  • Easter Disco

    Thank you to the PTA for our whole school Easter Disco! read more

    28 Apr 2019

  • Y4CG Gymnastics

    Class 4CG are loving their gymnastics lesson led by experienced Beth Tweddle coaches. read more

    25 Apr 2019

  • Year 3 Classroom!!

    Year 3 couldn’t believe their eyes after break time. Their classroom had been wrecked and some of their work had been burned! They found footprints on the chairs and walls and an email saying there was a dragon on the loose! read more

    24 Apr 2019

  • P4C Day

    Great assembly this morning to start off our P4C day! We all very excited to be working in our house teams and taking part in lots of critical thinking. KS1 St Andrews have drawn what they think Zig and Zog from planet Zargon may look like. read more

    9 Apr 2019

  • EYFS Pirate Ship

    Our very talented Mrs.C has designed a brilliant pirate ship after the children took an interest with making some telescopes. They have started to build their own ships and will be setting sail soon! read more

    5 Apr 2019

  • After School Club Easter Activities

    The children are busy in Link club making Easter cakes and playing lots of games. read more

    5 Apr 2019

  • EYFS Fruit Smoothies

    Mmmmm delicious fruit smoothies made by the reception children! read more

    3 Apr 2019

  • Ducklings!

    Welcome to Year 1 eggs! Bath time for the ducklings in Y1RA! read more

    2 Apr 2019

  • RISE Theatre

    A fantastic start to our day with @RISETheatre ! Art explorers in 1DW creating the roots for our Mustard Seed Story performance with @RISETheatre Year 3 are working hard creating their seeds to represent their hopes and dreams for @RISETheatre . read more

    28 Mar 2019

  • P4C

    In P4C today the children voted for a question based on our stimulus. They wanted to discuss “Did the boy discriminate the dog based on its looks?” read more

    22 Mar 2019

  • Y4KJ Guitar

    Y4KJ have been learning to play, ‘Happier’ by Marshmallow in today’s guitar lesson. read more

    18 Mar 2019

  • Parent E-Safety Workshop

    Thank you to PC Jane Tetlow and a PCSO for the parent safety workshop this afternoon! Parents we will be having another one soon so please keep your eye out and attend. Thank you for the parents who attended this afternoon! @CheshireSSYP read more

    15 Mar 2019

  • Gymnastics Competition

    Well done to the Year 3 and 4 children who competed in the regional gymnastics competition. They got to meet Beth Tweedle and we are very proud of their achievements @BTGymnastics read more

    15 Mar 2019

  • Thank you to Mr McMahon!

    Thank you to Mr McMahon.Year 4 have had a lovely afternoon learning about what it is like to be a scientist. We looked at different things under a microscope and with 3D glasses. Some of the things we looked at, looked very different under a read more

    13 Mar 2019

  • Science Visitor

    Year 5 had a great afternoon working with Mrs Lowe from @IBMscience . We were learning about biomedical science, making nerve cells and finding the germs on our hands under UV light. read more

    13 Mar 2019

  • Reading Morning

    Celebrating world book day in EYFS with our family. Year 4 are having fun and working hard for reading hour, with help from their family! 4KJ enjoyed our reading workshop this morning. read more

    8 Mar 2019

  • Year 6 Roninwood

    Year 6 had a fabulous time at Robinwood. The children tried lots of different activities and learnt so much about themselves. read more

    8 Mar 2019

  • E-Safety Drama Assembly

    KS2 are getting really excited for their E-safety drama assembly!! Class 4CG are continuing the fun and learning in their own drama workshop with the Altru performers!! read more

    6 Mar 2019

  • We're All Wonders!

    Wonders’. We’ll be working on the book more on World Book Day this week. Ask us about the message. Mrs Sheppard shared the story “We’re All Wonders” with Year 3 and 4 this morning. The children enjoyed discussing our different abilities and what it read more

    5 Mar 2019

  • Y1RA Phonics

    In phonics today Miss Abbott’s group looked at the split diagraph a_e and made words using the magic ‘e’. read more

    1 Mar 2019

  • Y1DW Vikings

    We are happy to be helping Widnes Vikings today #SaveOurClub The children in Y1 joined in with the rest of the school wearing black and white and raising money for the Widnes Vikings! #SaveOurClub The BBC came to interview the children and Mrs read more

    1 Mar 2019

  • Year 3 PSHE

    In PHSE we are learning about living a healthy lifestyle. We measured our heart rate before and after exercise! read more

    27 Feb 2019

  • Disability Awareness Day

    Thank you to John for coming in to talk to us about Disability Awareness Day and thank you to the year 6’s for their beautiful prayers. In the workshops we practised our own sign language and experienced what it would be like to be blind and in a read more

    26 Feb 2019

  • Year 4 Drama

    Year 4 have been learning about our new topic, ‘ Victorians’ through drama read more

    25 Feb 2019

  • Breakfast Club

    We have new toys and games in breakfast club! Come along at 8:15am-8:40am everyday! read more

    25 Feb 2019

  • Gym Competition!

    Well done to the KS1 gymnasts this morning for coming 1st in the competition! read more

    25 Feb 2019

  • Y3KL Silent Seeker

    In English, Y3KL have begun our new text “The Silence Seeker” which is set in a city. Today we used instruments to create our own city soundscape while some children presented the “city” expanded noun phrases we created yesterday. read more

    22 Feb 2019

  • Y5AW P.E

    Y5AW beginning to learn some badminton skills yesterday. Great progress with racket control. read more

    21 Feb 2019

  • Year 3 Computing

    The children in Year 3 created PowerPoint presentations about their time at Delamere! read more

    20 Feb 2019

  • Year 1 Special Visitor

    In year 1 we have discovered some secret messages and we have had to work hard to find out what they say using the secret code! read more

    18 Feb 2019

  • Year 2- Who could it be?

    Y2AR have found a rucksack with these things inside. Who could it belong to? read more

    18 Feb 2019

  • Year 3 Delamere Residential

    Year 3 have had a great first day at Delamere. They’ve been orienteering, learning jungle survival skills and finished it off with marshmallows and songs around the camp fire! Another fantastic morning at Delamere. The children have been on a read more

    18 Feb 2019

  • Magic Maths Morning

    read more

    8 Feb 2019

  • Internet Safety Day

    Yesterday for #InternetSafetyDay2019 , 5AW learnt about our Digital footprints. We were online detectives and found out information about a character through their online activity. Y3KL discussed different scenarios and decided if they were read more

    6 Feb 2019

  • No Outsiders!

    The children of St Basil's have really enjoyed sharing 'Odd Dog Out" with Mrs Shepard, as part of our "No Outsiders' programme. The children discussed how being different and unique is a positive thing for us all. read more

    5 Feb 2019

  • Y2SL Pizza Express

    Y2SL had a lovely morning at Pizza Express! read more

    31 Jan 2019

  • Year 4 Warrington Museum

    On Friday 25th January Year 4 had a lovely day at Warrington museum learning all about Ancient Egypt. We made shabtis from clay and amulets with card. We have displayed some of our work on our working wall. read more

    29 Jan 2019

  • Year 1 Science Investigation

    Science investigation about eye colour in year 1DW. read more

    28 Jan 2019

  • Year 1 Catalyst Museum

    Year 1 have had a fantastic day at the Catalyst Museum! They have learnt all about their 5 senses in a senses workshop! They also got to explore Science in a fun way! read more

    28 Jan 2019

  • EYFS Rainbow Challenges

    Well done! The whole class received a homemade ice lolly as a treat for completing their weekly Rainbow Challenges read more

    25 Jan 2019

  • Year 4 Art

    Year 4 have enjoyed working with Mrs Taylor drawing and painting fish. read more

    24 Jan 2019

  • Year 3 Stone Age

    Y3 have had a great day learning about the Stone Age! Thank you @altrudrama read more

    21 Jan 2019

  • World of Wonder

    read more

    18 Jan 2019

  • Year 3 Creation story

    Year 3 read the creation story “Anancy and the Flipflap bird.”They created a role play and performed it to the class. They then chose one of Anancy’s children to sketch with pencil and colour with oil pastels. Y3 creating story boards to show the read more

    18 Jan 2019

  • Fit4Life

    Thank you to Emily from “Halton Healthy Schools” for coming to show Y3KL how to be “Fit4Life”! read more

    17 Jan 2019

  • Science Workshop

    Year 1 and 2 parents enjoying working with their children at our science workshop. read more

    17 Jan 2019

  • Craft Club

    After school craft club with year one. The children are starting their bug paperweights. read more

    14 Jan 2019

  • EYFS Rainbow Challenges

    Well done to all the reception children! They have completed their Rainbow challenges this week and as a treat decorated biscuits. read more

    11 Jan 2019

  • Y5CE French

    Y5CE have done their first French lesson of the New Year with Madam Malloy - we wish you all 'Bonne Annee' - Happy New Year. read more

    10 Jan 2019

  • Year 6 Role Play

    Role play with Year 6. Children had to use freeze frames to portray their character. read more

    10 Jan 2019

  • Year 6 Science

    Year 6 learning about inherited traits in science. We tried to match the parents to their children by looking at their features. read more

    10 Jan 2019

  • Years 3 and 4 Dance

    Years 3 and 4 are learning a dance based on the theme, ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ We can’t wait to show our performance to our parents and carers on Friday! read more

    10 Jan 2019

  • Year 1 Gymnastics

    Year 1 are developing their gymnastic skills with our coach from Beth Tweddle Gymnastics this afternoon. Fantastic work read more

    10 Jan 2019

  • Year 1 Science- Bones

    The children in Year 1 are enjoying making skeletons using dog biscuits! read more

    8 Jan 2019

  • Y4KJ Music

    Y4KJ have been learning to play ‘Happy Birthday’ in today’s guitar lesson. read more

    7 Jan 2019

  • Year 1 Science

    Year 1 have been drawing what they think it looks like inside the human body. read more

    7 Jan 2019

  • Y3KL R.E

    For our new RE topic “Journeys” Y3KL painted their year using different colours for each season. This represented their journey through a year. They will add different events that happen throughout the year when the paint is dry! read more

    7 Jan 2019

  • 100% Attendance Winners

    read more

    20 Dec 2018

  • Well done for staying on green!

    Well done to the children who have stayed on green all of Autumn 1! read more

    20 Dec 2018

  • KS1 Christmas Dinner

    read more

    19 Dec 2018

  • Christmas Raffle

    Well done to the KS1 winners on the Christmas raffle! Well done to the Lower KS2 winners on the Christmas raffle! Well done to the Upper KS2 winners on the Christmas raffle! read more

    19 Dec 2018

  • Year 6 Computing

    Year 6 enjoying writing and testing algorithms in computing. read more

    12 Dec 2018

  • Year 3 Christmas Play

    read more

    7 Dec 2018

  • Family Breakfast Club

    This morning at family breakfast club. Every morning from 8:15-8:40! read more

    6 Dec 2018

  • Science Club

    Science club had fun experimenting with different mixtures. read more

    6 Dec 2018

  • Y5AW Bridges

    Some of the brilliant bridge designs made by Year 5AW for their Learning Challenge homework this half term. read more

    5 Dec 2018

  • Year 3 Volcanoes

    The Year 3 children have been very busy at home making volcanoes for our Geography topic and painting rocks for our Science topic! Thank you for all your hard work! read more

    26 Nov 2018

  • Year 4 Music

    The year 4 children have been learning to read music in today’s guitar lesson read more

    26 Nov 2018

  • Foundation Stage Phonics Inspire Session

    The reception parents have enjoyed the phonic inspire session this afternoon. Thank you to all who attended. read more

    22 Nov 2018

  • Widnes Foodbank

    Widnes Foodbank say thank you very much to the children and families of St Basil's for their generous offerings - this will go a long way to support needy families in Widnes. Many thanks read more

    19 Nov 2018

  • Year 2 Navigating

    Y2SL have been using a map of the school to navigate. read more

    19 Nov 2018

  • Year 5 Music

    Year 5 are making fantastic progress with learning the clarinet - super sound today! read more

    15 Nov 2018

  • Year 2 Assembly

    Thank you Year 2 for a lovely assembly this morning all about anti-bullying! read more

    15 Nov 2018

  • Pudsey Raffle

    Well done to the winners of the Pudsey raffle! read more

    15 Nov 2018

  • Year 5 Learning about WW2

    Year 5 had a great time with Ben from @103Regt , making some comparisons with our work on WW2. read more

    15 Nov 2018

  • Year 6 making t-shirts

    Year 6 up cycling their t-shirts for our topic, "Where does all our stuff come from?". A splendid afternoon was had by all! read more

    15 Nov 2018

  • Olympian Visit and Sponsored Event

    read more

    12 Nov 2018

  • Foundation Stage Autumn Walk

    Lots to discover on our Autumn walk! read more

    12 Nov 2018