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  • Awards!

    Well done to all the children who received an award at the end of the year! Golden Rules, Phonics Club, 100% Attendance for Summer Term, 100% Attendance All Year! read more

    24 Jul 2018

  • KS1 Talent Show

    Well done to all the children for taking part in KS1 talent show!! read more

    20 Jul 2018

  • Musical Extravaganza!

    Years 3, 4 and 5 gathered to perform in our annual Musical Extravaganza! It really was The Greatest Show and we left bursting with pride. Congratulations on a wonderful performance! read more

    13 Jul 2018

  • Visit to Victoria Park

    Foundation Stage and Year 6 had a lovely day at Victoria Park together getting there by train. read more

    11 Jul 2018

  • Name the Teddy Winner!

    ‘Name the teddy’ winner meets his new friend Harvey! read more

    11 Jul 2018

  • Year 5 Wow Day!

    Year 5 had a fantastic time at St Peter and Paul Catholic College for their Wow Day! We got to use tools in Technology, cook pizzas and enjoy penalty shoot outs, as well as watching Mr Hartley try to crack an egg on stage! read more

    9 Jul 2018

  • KS2 Royal British Legion

    Key Stage 2 children listening to information from the Royal British Legion. read more

    6 Jul 2018

  • St Basil's Market Place

    A huge thank you to the St.Basil’s PTA and all our parent helpers for organising another successful ‘Summer Market Place’. read more

    6 Jul 2018

  • Foundation Stage

    Celebrating our wonderful world in Foundation Stage this morning. read more

    5 Jul 2018

  • Year 2 Wriitng

    Y2 published their own ‘Dear Greenpeace’ book. They have wrote a series of letters to Greenpeace about different animals in their homes. What neat writing they now have! read more

    5 Jul 2018

  • Town Sports

    Well done to everybody who took part in Town Sports last night! read more

    5 Jul 2018

  • French Breakfast

    read more

    5 Jul 2018

  • Year 6 Visit Delamere

    Year 6 enjoyed an action packed day at Delamere. read more

    4 Jul 2018

  • Year 1 Making Cakes

    The children in Y1 have enjoyed making cakes this afternoon ready for Market Place on Friday! read more

    4 Jul 2018

  • Year 5 Music Lesson

    Year 5 working really hard during their brass music lesson. read more

    28 Jun 2018

  • Y1RA P.E

    Today in Y1RA we worked on rolling the ball to our partner looking at our control and speed. read more

    27 Jun 2018

  • Disability Awareness

    A big thank you to Lyndsay for teaching us sign language during our deaf awareness afternoon!! Then we created posters on how to be deaf aware! read more

    25 Jun 2018

  • Year 1 Knowsley Safari Park!

    Great start to our day already at Knowsley Safari Park!! We have said good morning to some meerkats, found some tigers and now we are learning about different animals with a ranger in the rainforest room! After lunch we visited more animals, watched read more

    22 Jun 2018

  • Year 5 Cricket

    Year 5 are practicing their Cricket skills this morning. read more

    22 Jun 2018

  • Year 6 Drama

    read more

    21 Jun 2018

  • Year 1 English

    Year 1 have been working hard using the suffix -ing in English when describing a picture from the story, ‘My Grandmother’s Clock’. read more

    21 Jun 2018

  • Year 1 Babies to Now

    Y1KL have been talking about how our bodies have changed from when we were a baby to now! The children said when they were babies they couldn’t use their legs to run but now they are 5 and 6 they can! read more

    21 Jun 2018

  • Year 2 Gymnastics

    Coach Abby is very impressed with how much progress the children have made so far! read more

    21 Jun 2018

  • Visit to The Halle

    Years 3,4 and 5 had a brilliant time today playing with @the_halle at Bridgewater Hall. read more

    21 Jun 2018

  • Year 2 Art

    Y2 brought to life their art designs inspired by Andy Goldsworthy using the resources they collected from the forest. read more

    21 Jun 2018

  • Foundation Stage Pirates!

    Oh no, some pirates have taken Bella and Basil bear in Foundation stage. They sent a message in a bottle so we are writing a letter to them to try and get them back... read more

    21 Jun 2018

  • Whole School Assembly for the 20th Anniversary of World Refugee Day

    read more

    20 Jun 2018

  • Year 4 working with the Widnes Vikings

    read more

    20 Jun 2018

  • Year 2 Delamere

    Year 2 enjoyed exploring animal habitats at Delamere. They children really enjoyed their day! read more

    19 Jun 2018

  • KS2 School Council visit Chestnut Lodge School

    read more

    19 Jun 2018

  • Year 2 getting fit with Widnes Vikings!

    read more

    19 Jun 2018

  • Y1KL Maths

    Y1KL have been recognising the value of different coins. read more

    19 Jun 2018

  • Y6KJ English

    Y6KJ are working hard describing the forest from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. read more

    18 Jun 2018

  • Y5JA Clarinets

    Year 5JA are busy practicing their clarinets ready to play with @the_halle this Thursday. read more

    18 Jun 2018

  • Year 5 Team Building

    Year 5 had a fantastic Aspirations day with Andrew from One Goal! Well done to our trophy winners! read more

    15 Jun 2018

  • Year 2 Wraps

    Y2KW busy making their wraps this afternoon! read more

    15 Jun 2018

  • Year 5 One Goal

    Year 5 Team Building with One Goal today. read more

    15 Jun 2018

  • Year 6 Singing

    Year 6 practising our songs for our end of year production: Dream On read more

    14 Jun 2018

  • Year 2 Florence Nightingale

    Y2SL are looking at the different ways that Florence Nightingale changed hospitals for the better. read more

    14 Jun 2018

  • Year 6 Maths

    Year 6 are using their code cracking skills to solve Operation Ultra! read more

    13 Jun 2018

  • Year 6 English

    Y6KJ created fact files about William Shakespeare. read more

    13 Jun 2018

  • Foundation Stage Pirates

    Ship Ahoy! Our busy pirates are on the hunt for treasure- look out for the sharks! read more

    13 Jun 2018

  • Key Stage 1 Suffragettes Assembly

    Key Stage 1 are learning about how the suffragettes who fought for the right for women to vote during our democracy assembly. read more

    13 Jun 2018

  • Year 5 Drama

    Year 5 are performing drama about their new topic the Mayans. read more

    12 Jun 2018

  • PTA Fun Run

    Thank you to the PTA for organising such a great event! read more

    25 May 2018

  • Year 4 Biscuits

    Year 4 have been designing their own healthy biscuit recipe. They tasted yummy!! read more

    25 May 2018

  • Foundation Stage Assembly

    Well done to Foundation Stage for their beautiful assembly all about FRIENDS! read more

    25 May 2018

  • Year 1 Animals

    All the children’s animals from their homework task are now on display in the Year 1 zoo! Do not feed the animals!! read more

    23 May 2018

  • Key Stage 1 Sports Day

    KS1 had a fun sports day in the sunshine!! Well done to St David’s for winning KS1 sports day!! read more

    23 May 2018

  • Key Stage 2 Sports Day

    Well done to all of KS2 for taking part in our sports day. The winners were St George! read more

    23 May 2018

  • Foundation Stage Fruit Smoothies

    The children in Foundation Stage enjoyed making their very own fruit smoothies! read more

    22 May 2018

  • Year 1 Poetry

    Y1KL showed off great facial expressions when performing the Pizza and Chips poem in English! Then they published their own versions of the Pizza and Chips poem! read more

    21 May 2018

  • Royal Wedding

    The children enjoyed a royal assembly, learning about past Royal Weddings! At lunch time our Royal Family banquet has begun! read more

    18 May 2018

  • Y1RA Royal Wedding Cards

    The children in Y1RA made Royal cards for Harry and Meghan. read more

    18 May 2018

  • Year 1 Fruit Kebabs

    Year 1 first designed their fruit kebabs and then they enjoyed making them and eating them.  They all said they were read more

    14 May 2018

  • Year 1 English

    Year 1 have been using the suffixes -er and -est to compare the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Brachiosaurus! read more

    10 May 2018

  • Year 1 Handball

    Y1KL have been practicing their handball skills. read more

    10 May 2018

  • Year 2 P.E

    Year 2 worked on travelling this session. Well done to Amber for getting gymnast of the week! read more

    10 May 2018

  • Year 5 Fast Reading

    Fast reading in Year 5. We are improving our fluency and reading aloud with our partner’s support. read more

    4 May 2018

  • Foundation Stage Pentecost Party

    Foundation Stage celebrated the end of our RE topic this afternoon with a collective worship and a Pentecost party outside. We released some balloons to spread the good news! read more

    4 May 2018

  • Year 2 Total Gymnastics

    Well done to Izzy for getting gymnast of the week! read more

    3 May 2018

  • Year 4 Tattenhall

    The children had a fantastic time at Tattenhall. They enjoyed lots of activities including zip wiring and tree climbing. The children used their problem solving skills to build dens. They were also branching out using their culinary read more

    3 May 2018

  • Winners of Attendance and Punctuality

    Well done to Y5ER and Y4KW for winning Basil and Betty for best attendance and punctuality this week!! read more

    3 May 2018

  • Foundation Stage LEGO Creations

    The children are busy designing and making some wonderful Lego creations. read more

    2 May 2018

  • Year 1 Animals

    Year 1 have brought in some amazing animal sculptures for their homework! We can’t wait to see the rest! read more

    30 Apr 2018

  • Year 2 Sponsored Spellings

    Y2SL completing their sponsored spellings this morning raising money for our different house charities. Well Done! read more

    27 Apr 2018

  • Year 6 P.E

    Year 6 enjoyed learning new hockey skills. read more

    27 Apr 2018

  • Y1RA Mini-beast Hunt

    Y1RA have been exploring the allotment on a mini beast hunt searching for all kinds of mini beasts!! read more

    26 Apr 2018

  • Year 1 Gymnastics

    Y1RA have enjoyed their gymnastics lesson this afternoon learning new jumps and shapes! Thank you total gymnastics! Y1KL enjoyed their gymnastics session today doing shapes and jumps! Well done to Maisie and Madison for winning read more

    26 Apr 2018

  • Year 1 P.E

    The children in Y1RA are using what they had learnt from their previous P.E lesson and we played a class game. The children had to use their skills in roll the ball across the circle to another child. read more

    25 Apr 2018

  • Year 4 P.E

    Y4KW enjoying their PE lesson in the sun!! read more

    25 Apr 2018

  • Sunny Lunchtime!

    EYFS and KS1 enjoying a sunny lunchtime. read more

    20 Apr 2018

  • Foundation Stage Trip to Imagine That!

    On Thurday 19 th April the Early Years Foundation Stage went on an educational visit to ‘Imagine That’ in Liverpool to explore art, crafts and scientific activities through various zones. When we arrived the staff explained what we were going to be read more

    20 Apr 2018

  • Y1KL Minibeast Hunt

    Y1KL went on a minibeast hunt. They made a tally of all the creatures they found, then they used their information to make a pictograph! read more

    20 Apr 2018

  • Y1RA and Y5ER Attendance Awards

    Well done to Y5ER for winning Basil for best attendance and Y1RA for winning Betty for best punctuality!! read more

    20 Apr 2018

  • Maths in Foundation Stage

    The children in Early Years are using mathematical language to measure the ingredients for salt dough! read more

    20 Apr 2018

  • Year 1 PE

    The children in Y1RA had a lovely outdoor PE lesson in the sunshine. They practiced rolling the ball to each other using ball control with a target to aim for. They then had a smaller target to aim for and following this, they moved on to read more

    18 Apr 2018

  • Scientists in Year 3!

    In Y3RS, we are scientists! Last week, we searched the classroom for different types of surfaces and observed what happened when we shone a torch onto them. read more

    17 Apr 2018

  • Trip to Delamere!

    In Y3RS, we are adventurers! Last week, we took our classroom outside into the forest where we took part in lots of different incredible activities in Delamere! The children took part in so many fun activities such as; den building, hammock making, read more

    16 Apr 2018

  • Y1RA Attendance Winners

    Well done to Y1RA for winning Basil and Betty for the best attendance and punctuality for the week! read more

    13 Apr 2018

  • Commonwealth Day Assembly

    Children were introduced to the Commonwealth as a family of countries, working together to celebrate diversity, friendship and equality. They learnt how there was a Commonwealth charter, signed by Queen Elizabeth as the head and that important read more

    13 Apr 2018

  • Year 2 Gymnastics

    In the Summer term year 2 are going to be working with gymnast Abbie Sanford from Total Gymnastics who is sponsored by Beth Tweddle.  The children will be learning all about balances, stretching and jumps. Follow St Basil's Twitter feed for read more

    12 Apr 2018

  • Firefighters in EYFS

    Last week the Early Years Foundation Stage were lucky to get a visit from some firefighters and see a real fire engine! As part of ‘People who help us’ day they told us all about the work they do, such as, putting out fires and rescuing people and read more

    11 Apr 2018

  • Butterflies in EYFS

    They started as tiny caterpillars and the children watched in amazement as they grew and built their own cocoons.  after two weeks the beautiful butterflies emerged. The children thanked God for all God's creatures and they released them to fly read more

    9 Apr 2018

  • PTA Easter Raffle

    Money raised from the Easter Raffle: £357.92 Money raised from Easter Coffee Morning: £132.02 Money raised from Easter Disco: £208.51 Winners Jake Black (RSPD)          Annie Swift (RSAW) Foundation Stage: read more

    27 Mar 2018

  • Year 1 Ducklings

    Year 1 Ducklings In March year 1 received 6 eggs on a Monday morning, by Friday all six eggs had hatched into cute yellow ducklings.  The following week the children got to look after and play with 6 little ducklings! The children really read more

    12 Mar 2018

  • Y2 Visit Norton Priory

    Year 2 had a fantastic time on their trip to Norton Priory! read more

    9 Mar 2018

  • Foundation Stage Mother's Day Assembly

    Foundation Stage held a wonderful Mother's Day Assembly this morning. Thank you to all of the parents/carers who came along! read more

    9 Mar 2018

  • Y6 Visit Lowe House

    Y6 had a fantastic day on their trip to Lowe House! read more

    6 Mar 2018

  • British Science Week!

    The children had a great time celebrating British Science Week!  read more

    5 Mar 2018

  • St David's Day!

    To help celebrate St David's Day, we had an afternoon to look at people who help us. Lots of visitors came into school, including a lollipop lady, GP, police, paramedics, a mental health nurse and an occupational therapist. The children learnt a read more

    2 Mar 2018

  • World Book Day!

    The children all look fantastic dressed up as their favourite characters for World Book Day! Thank you to all of the parents/carers who joined us for our reading hour in class this morning! read more

    2 Mar 2018

  • Foundation Stage - Team House Day!

    To celebrate the end of our RE topic on Gathering (and the house team day) we have enjoyed juice and biscuits decorated by the children in Foundation Stage today! read more

    1 Mar 2018

  • Y2 Learn about Holy Communion

    This week, year 2 have been describing what happens during Holy Communion. read more

    28 Feb 2018

  • Foundation Stage Love the Snow!

    Foundation Stage have loved being out in the snow this morning! They have said its the best day ever! read more

    27 Feb 2018

  • Y4 Gymnastics

    Well done to our Y4 Gymnastics team in their competition yesterday, brilliant effort! read more

    27 Feb 2018

  • Y5/6 Netball Tournament

    Fantastic effort from our Y5/6 girls at the netball tournament on Friday! read more

    26 Feb 2018

  • Y1 Make Green Eggs & Ham!

    Year 1 followed a set of instructions this morning to make green eggs and ham! read more

    26 Feb 2018

  • 1KL PE with Mr Wood

    The children in Y1KL are enjoying mini gym with our PE specialist Mr Wood this afternoon! read more

    22 Feb 2018

  • Y2 Investigate how plants grow!

    Y2 have been investigating what happens underneath the soil as plants start to grow! read more

    22 Feb 2018