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  • Y5CE French

    Y5CE have done their first French lesson of the New Year with Madam Malloy - we wish you all 'Bonne Annee' - Happy New Year. read more

    10 Jan 2019

  • Year 6 Role Play

    Role play with Year 6. Children had to use freeze frames to portray their character. read more

    10 Jan 2019

  • Year 6 Science

    Year 6 learning about inherited traits in science. We tried to match the parents to their children by looking at their features. read more

    10 Jan 2019

  • Years 3 and 4 Dance

    Years 3 and 4 are learning a dance based on the theme, ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ We can’t wait to show our performance to our parents and carers on Friday! read more

    10 Jan 2019

  • Year 1 Science- Bones

    The children in Year 1 are enjoying making skeletons using dog biscuits! read more

    8 Jan 2019

  • Y3KL R.E

    For our new RE topic “Journeys” Y3KL painted their year using different colours for each season. This represented their journey through a year. They will add different events that happen throughout the year when the paint is dry! read more

    7 Jan 2019

  • Year 1 Science

    Year 1 have been drawing what they think it looks like inside the human body. read more

    7 Jan 2019

  • Y4KJ Music

    Y4KJ have been learning to play ‘Happy Birthday’ in today’s guitar lesson. read more

    7 Jan 2019

  • Well done for staying on green!

    Well done to the children who have stayed on green all of Autumn 1! read more

    20 Dec 2018

  • 100% Attendance Winners

    read more

    20 Dec 2018