Latest News

  • Year 3 PSHE

    In PHSE we are learning about living a healthy lifestyle. We measured our heart rate before and after exercise! read more

    27 Feb 2019

  • Disability Awareness Day

    Thank you to John for coming in to talk to us about Disability Awareness Day and thank you to the year 6’s for their beautiful prayers. In the workshops we practised our own sign language and experienced what it would be like to be blind and in a read more

    26 Feb 2019

  • Gym Competition!

    Well done to the KS1 gymnasts this morning for coming 1st in the competition! read more

    25 Feb 2019

  • Breakfast Club

    We have new toys and games in breakfast club! Come along at 8:15am-8:40am everyday! read more

    25 Feb 2019

  • Year 4 Drama

    Year 4 have been learning about our new topic, ‘ Victorians’ through drama read more

    25 Feb 2019

  • Y3KL Silent Seeker

    In English, Y3KL have begun our new text “The Silence Seeker” which is set in a city. Today we used instruments to create our own city soundscape while some children presented the “city” expanded noun phrases we created yesterday. read more

    22 Feb 2019

  • Y5AW P.E

    Y5AW beginning to learn some badminton skills yesterday. Great progress with racket control. read more

    21 Feb 2019

  • Year 3 Computing

    The children in Year 3 created PowerPoint presentations about their time at Delamere! read more

    20 Feb 2019

  • Year 3 Delamere Residential

    Year 3 have had a great first day at Delamere. They’ve been orienteering, learning jungle survival skills and finished it off with marshmallows and songs around the camp fire! Another fantastic morning at Delamere. The children have been on a read more

    18 Feb 2019

  • Year 2- Who could it be?

    Y2AR have found a rucksack with these things inside. Who could it belong to? read more

    18 Feb 2019